Rolfing Denver - Michael Polon, Certified Advanced Rolfer

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Michael’s first introduction to Rolfing came as a client, when seeking help with a series of sports injuries and improvement of moderate scoliosis.  His interest in the body began early as a result of these ailments and he began his college years on a track to become a physical therapist.  After experiencing the power of Rolfing as a client in Boulder during his early twenties, Michael shifted gears and quickly enrolled at The Rolf Institute® in 1998.   Immediately following his graduation in 1999, he was invited to re-enter the classroom as a teaching assistant and has been involved with teaching in Rolfing classes ever since.  In addition to teaching and coordinating classes, Michael has served as the chair of the Foundations of Rolfing Department since 2005.

Along with spending well over a thousand hours in the classroom teaching, Michael has been able to continue his education with the most experienced Rolfing instructors in the country in numerous post-graduate classes and by electing to take the Advanced Rolfing Training twice.  His passion for health and human development has led him to study and collaborate with some of the finest Rolfers, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, and Body-Centered Psychotherapists in the community.  Michael has practiced Rolfing since 1999, and been in his Denver office since 2001.  When he is not in the classroom or Rolfing office, Michael can be found either coaching or cheering for his two young boys’ sports teams, on a bicycle, or doing some kind of creative and challenging cross-training exercise.